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in 1994

SC Monte Bianco SA has been founded in year 1994 in Targoviste, Dambovita County.  The sole purpose of the company was to be a pioneer in the production of tissue paper products in Romania.  With this purpose in mind, Monte Bianco SA has succeeded to be a pioneer and trend setter in the Romanian consumer products market.  The company has initiated many projects in Romania which were the “FIRST” in this industry such as introducing the first kitchen towel, first pure cellulose toilet paper, first handkerchiefs and facial tissues in the market as locally produced.


Today, Monte Bianco has become the market leader among all the players, including multinationals, with a market share of approximately 13% of the total quantity of tissue paper sold in Romania as its products sold at all the major International Key Accounts as well as through its regional distributors. Monte Bianco is now one of the major companies in its sector with its well known brands; "Puff", "Best", "Fiore", "Casa si Gradina" and "Monte Bianco  Profesional" which cover all the product categories, offering at the same time our clients an excellent price/quality ratio.


From the very beginning, when Monte Bianco has invested in its first manufacturing facilities in Targoviste, Romania, the main objective of the company has been set to become a pioneer and a market leader in tissue products manufacturing.  From the very beginning of its foundation, Monte Bianco has started to grow as parallel to the expansion of international retail chains, starting first time with Metro in 1995.  Today we are having our products in all of the major modern retail chains such as Auchan, Billa, Carrefour, Cora, Mega Image, Kaufland, Profi and Selgros.  In addition to the International Chains, Monte Bianco has managed to expand its national coverage through its reliable network of regional distributors.


Monte Bianco is the first company in Romania to produce and introduce in the market kitchen towels, facial tissues, luxury point-to-point napkins, hankies and Away From Home products. The success of Monte Bianco was not only determined by the continuous introduction of new products in the market but also due to the fact that the company has created some of the best well known brands in the Romanian market. "Puff", "Best", "Fiore"and "Neve", each covering a wide range of products, have become to be known as the industry’s reference brands.  However, although the company, as the principle policy, has built up a reputation with its own brands, has also produced other “private labels” for some of the international and local chains.  Aro and Horeca Select for Metro, Gran Finale for Penny and Clever for Billa are some the important products Monte Bianco has produced and still producing.


Monte Bianco is producing a wide range products, practically, covering all the categories of tissue paper products under its well known brands, together with its latest brands in Away From Home sector; "Casa si Gradina" and "Monte Bianco Professional".  Monte Bianco products include 2, 3 and 4 ply toilet paper which is decorated and perfumed; 2 ply kitchen towels; 2, 3 and 4 ply hankies; 2 ply facial tissues; a wide range of 1 and 2 ply napkins as well as Away From Home products such as Z and V Fold towels and AFH rolls ranging from 61 m up to 300 m.

  Monte Bianco has installed its own Paper Machine in year 2009 with the help of which has become independent from the raw material point of view for most of its products, especially for the towel and napkin products.  As parallel to the company policy, on its own Paper Machine, Monte Bianco is producing only 100% cellulose tissue paper and mostly destined for its own consumption.  Monte Bianco is the only company in the whole Eastern Europe that can produce 2 color printed jumbo rolls.

Investments in new technologies and in people are the main objectives of Monte Bianco and will remain as they are also in the future.

These well established objectives will enable us to continue to be a pioneer in the sector with further growth potential and offer an excellent quality to our customers while remaining as competitive as we are today.

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